Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

NapDreams in SpaceTime

I took a nap when I got home, and had the most bizarre dream. Near the beginning, it involved two people meeting up and having sex, but I increasingly got the feeling I wasn't one of the people as the dream's perspective peeled tactfully away from the beginnings of the activities. I then was some kind of entity flying through space (no spaceship needed) starting very near earth, and chatting briefly with various human radios set up throughout the system (this was, I suppose, in the future). I said my goodbyes, and with a feeling of great lonliness, left Terra, taking a wild course designed to swing me near each planet as I flew sucessively outward. With each, I got the feeling I could've hit/entered the planet if I were not careful, but I kept going, feeling progressively more empty as I continued my journey (I could feel each turn inertially as I moved, and text dialogues traced each planet, saturn, jupiter, etc, although there was a 10th planet I passed that didn't get a label). Eventually, there was a caption of "after a very long time in deep space", and I saw a shimmering vortex labled wormhole, which I, because I had not seen anything at all for thousands of years at that point, went into. I then heard voices, and was in a human body again. I heard some kind of celebration that I was back, and the "heard" became messages in text, and I was on Wikipedia, Jimbo welcoming me back and graciously nominating me to again become an administrator.

I think that counts as a strange dream.

I generally try to pick apart dreams and find out what kind of real-life things they're distortions of. I'll skip the details of the first part of the dream because it's something y'all don't need to know about. The second part is something I don't have much of a clue about. Occasionally over the last few days I've been playing with Google Earth, and some of the motion I was making was superficially similar to the way I was moving in space (although my dreams had better graphics). Maybe it was my sleeping exploration of what would happen if, instead of falling into the planet like people do when google earth starts up, they pulled back and went the other way. Maybe it was about lonliness and tied into some strange thoughts and daydreams I've been having about .. hmm.. a weird viewpoint on the self and probability I sometimes find myself chewing on. The last part was probably related to my currently standing for election to Wikipedia's arbitration committee, and the fun involved in having large numbers of people chewing over the answers one gives to questions and possibly voting. As of right now, I have about 105 people who have voted, and will probably continue to get some over the next ten days until elections close. I've been amused at how it's all been going. Unfortunately, two candidates who are more deserving than me appear to have been shot down because they've been particularly involved in controversy, aiming to keep the project on-track at the expense of pissing a lot of people off. Sometimes things go like that.. sigh.

The world has given us a lot of events recently, and I do want to talk about them here, but not quite yet.

Tags: dreams, wikipedia

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