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Arrest the Enemy Combatants in the War on Poverty!

My brain is fried, for I have been insanely busy. I shall now bore you with details of my busyness, but first... If you are in Pittsburgh, and are in KGB or are part of my circle of friends and acquaintances (excepting a few people I dislike like a certain polish dude or a certain half-french girl) you are coming to my Ceilidh on Saturday. If you are not in Pittsburgh but know me, and we are on good terms, you are still welcome to come (please let me know!).

Today, I woke up early to wrap up some system maintenance (for work) I fell asleep last night while doing, then stumbled the mile over to my office, continued to work, eventually had lunch, mailed out a book that I sold online, and took a few quick snapshots for my upcoming webcomic before I went back to my office to continue work. I then did a bunch of boring (but somewhat physically demanding) stuff relating to my server room, and wandered off after work to the CSLounge in NSH, where I did a mix of work things and socialising. CSLounge is a good way to mix low-intensity socialising with work and relaxation -- I don't feel very "liked" there, but I don't feel particularly disliked either. Perhaps sometime I'll develop some friendships (or more) in that social circle, perhaps I won't.. Anyhow, afterwards D and I went to do something nice for E (who has surgery tomorrow), and afterwards I went home, where I mixed my time between work, some additional contacting work I'm doing, starting/changing laundry, catching up on Wikipedia duties, usenet moderation, and cleaning/reorganising my place for the Ceilidh. I am, as stated, tired.

Some observations on LiveJournal - it is not a particularly intelligent reader of Atom feeds - it can misorder entries that it picks up in the same stream retrieval, ignoring last-updated field. It also ignores the usericon stuff that can be in an Atom stream, lies shamelessly on when it will next check up on a feed, and has a few other quirks. Fortunately, it is open source, so when I get the time, I can download that and see if they just parse Atom differently than I expect and if there are ways I can tune my feed to their expectations better.

And now, the news:

  • Law students show guts. Admirable.
  • Fatah likely to beat Hamas in Palestinian elections. Thank goodness. I've come across a number of ignorant people who claim that there's no difference, similar to how someone recently mentioned to me that they couldn't understand why people would vote for Hamas. This is a habit I loathe -- people who get so lost in their opinions that they are unable to understand viewpoints radically different. There are not many cases in human behaviour that are really not understandable in terms of different values, situations, and beliefs. Pretending that positions different enough from one's own are insane is a mark of closed-minded stupidity. One doesn't need to adopt opposing positions (obviously), but one should at least be able to understand them.
  • A call for curtailing bribery for doctors. This is very good.
  • I saw these wall charts in Wean Hall at CMU. They're very cool.
  • A conversation inspired me to dig out of the dark recesses of my brain the name of my favourite Quake mod -- Future vs Fantasy. While it no longer appears to have a website, it does have a descendant named Pure Jihad. It's windows-only, but for people of that persuasion, it may be quite cool.
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