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Airflow Tracings

The party went pretty well. The philosophical part was interesting (although playing host, I didn't get as full a window on the conversation as I might've liked). Apparently, variations within a Libertarian theme appear to be common among the people who came for that portion, and I temporarily slipped into a (virtual) libertarian frame of thinking as I used to think to see if it was internally consistant and defensible against deep multiculturalism. Later, I briefly touched on my value theory -- I wish I had had time to get into discussion on that, but it would've involved a fair amount of what would essentially my giving a lecture on my philosophy, where in this case it was more interesting to listen. Things took more of the flavour of a party afterwards, and fortunately, people seemed to get along decently well. Also, I got my place cleaned up, and not much of a mess was made -- after about an hour of cleaning, things (apart from the sink) are looking good. I may leave my place in the party configuration (apart from my bedroom), not because I anticipate having parties frequently, but because it feels more open this way. I have only two regrets -- first, the music mix I made for the party didn't end up being used (I forgot to put it on after philosophy ended), and secondly, two people I had hoped would show up did not. One of them is a friend who's recovering from surgery, the other is someone I'm interested in. All in all, it was a pretty good party. My cats were a bit surprised to see so many people here, but they're more social than I am and seemed happy. I have a slight excess of food now (if my budget had been $20 smaller, I would've hit the sweet spot, I think).

The other day, I was thinking about the reason TXTing is so big, and came to the conclusion that this is because it permits people to dispense with the normal conversational dynamic when passing information back and forth, and that that dynamic is sometimes a hassle. Allowing it to bypassed has interesting social implications, of course.. and I further heard recently that TXTing in europe is usually free, which makes it much more attractive than talking there. Interesting...

I've recently been thinking about "problem users" on Wikipedia, particularly those of a particular sort who claim that Wikipedia is run by a cabal of admins who abuse their power. In some cases, I think they're correct, or at least that there's a little bit to their concerns, but in almost all cases, these concerns inspire them to overreact, often over literally nothing. This is proably due to a general problem with authority and status. The reasoning behind the structure wikipedia has WRT power is primarily two pronged, first, that newcomers should learn about Wikipedia culture, customs/policy, and philosophy before contributing to the same (users who have not done this should presumably not be made admins), and second, exercise of power to defend the project can be necessary, against both internal and external problems. In most cases, these "problem users" band together, uninterested in discussion or self-improvement, instead festering their dislike of the project and those defending it for not being democratic enough. I believe that a few users in particular would do well to be given a certain amount of authority somewhere, on or off wiki, and being charged to preserve/maintain the project in that area in ways that they would have to deal with problem users going at each other -- this may swiftly lead to enlightenment. My attitude towards these things seems to differ a bit from the other moderately/highly prominent admins -- I am interested in redemption of as many people as possible, within certain costs, in the context of both justice and pragmatism, while the stress of some other editors is a bit less on patience.

I noticed in a recent photograph that I wore my glasses wih an odd tilt so that my right eye (my orientation) is closer to the top of the glasses than the left. looking at a number of other photos, this appears to be the case there too. What's up with that?

Tomorrow will involve a good amount of homework/work/contracting time.

I need someone to love. It's been on my mind a lot recently.

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