Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
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For Programmers and Other People

It is much harder to do things when you are attempting to solve the wrong problem. I have spent about 5 hours programming on something when I realised that I was reinventing the wheel. Admittedly, my wheel would've been much more clever and powerful than the existing wheel, but this is for a car I am intending to junk soon anyhow, to follow the metaphor.

Oh, and don't be afraid to change the environment you live in if you can do it better. I intend to transition some very loosely-formatted, incredibly difficult and challenging to parse data that I've been trying to work with to a proper database with very strong constraints and much cleanliness. Actually, this is true of more than one thing I'm doing in more than one sphere in my life.

I think I've found a few more ways I want to steer my life. Some ties will be cut, some hopes will be given up on, and some of this will be reversable given circumstances. Life is more about setting defaults than altering constants, at least when lived sensibly.

I think a part of the reason cats are so fun to have in one's little clan is that they follow one *everywhere*. If I go from one room to another to read for awhile, my cats will invariably get up, find a place in the new room near me to sleep (or play, or laze), and plop themselves down. That's pretty cool.

I've been daydreaming again about moving out in the middle of nowhere with my cats, my laptop, and a minimum of stuff. Although that'd probably make a certain part of me happy, it'd probably be bad for my socialising-craving side. Meh.

This is an upcoming KGB event where people sell themselves for 6 hours or something to raise funds. I am amused by the concept, but I don't know if I really can spare enough time to meet a 6 hour commitment of some sort (2-3 hours may be more reasonable), and I am also a bit iffy about committing to even spending that long on either something stupid/irritating/disturbing or with someone I'd rather not spend time with. There are some cool people I would like to spend a bit of time with who are KGBFolk, from potential friends to people I would consider dating, and the mere idea of an auction is amusing in itself. I just pessimistically think it's cool in potentiality but will be uncool (for me) in actuality. People can set certain things as being off-limits or otherwise change their auction settings, but I don't know of a way to phrase these things without hurting some people's feelings or otherwise not getting things right. Fascinating but worrisome.. There are also other complications that are tangentally related..

There is something interesting to the idea, as I drift off to sleep, that most of the people I know are also sleeping in places and ways suitable to their personality. Sleeping on a beanbag with my cats snuggled up against me, I lie back and begin to dream. Sometimes I amuse myself by imagining my life as a TV show, thinking of credits, an intro, things like that. It's an odd thought for someone who hasn't regularly watched TV for a long time.

Ok, I've appended to this entry like 6 times now. Hopefully I'll stop and finally fall all the way asleep.


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