Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Thirsty Brinksman

She left their faces shattered, bloody, her words piercing ears and more. The job done, and a sense of satisfaction present, but a vague discomfort, nagging reminders tied to shards of their life displaced. That evening, she made a trip to the wise woman, each step towards that tent making her feel worse about what she had done. After rousing the wise woman, she was invited in - tea was served, and no talk of purpose was permitted until after several sips of tea were consumed. "I will be your cotton glove, for now, but you must learn to become as soft as i will make you seem". The shape of the tea leaves were not distracting enough to hide her surprise.

I have subscribed to Livejournal for an amusing reason -- for work I wrote a piece of software that glues together the SVN revision control system (descendant of CVS) with Atom feed generation, and I want to test that binding (and make it easy for people to get the results). The purpose is to make it easier for people interested in our research group to keep up with development of ACT-R, the cognitive model (and associated software) that our group makes. I could probably try to get reimbursed, but given that it would be an ugly mix of work and personal things that I'd rather not get into, I'll swallow the cost myself ($20 or so a year is no big deal).

I've been feeling very distant to everyone and everything recently.


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