Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Jyllands Images

My apologies for the large size, but this is a critical issue on freedom of the press. As you may know if you read the news, the following photos, published in a Danish newspaper, have created a storm all over the arab world, causing international incidents, death threats, and boycotts. I realise that this is disrespectful to Islamic culture, but we have moved far beyond the point where blasphemy means anything for us, and free speech is far more important. Without the ability to criticise, we are nothing. There shall be no sacred cows. This is not specifically anti-Islam -- we are free to mock anything, including the great deific bullseye Jesus (Oops! Our god got killed! Umm.. he meant to do that. Really! It was .. yeah! A sacrifice! That's it, a sacrifice!), the ever-kind Yahweh, and of course all our political figures, from George "Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq" Bush to George "I'm so ethical despite fucking people over in the stock market" Soros. Trotsky, for being on of the theorists I most admire, had at least a few pretty brain-damaged (nyuk nyuk) ideas. There is a difference between mockery and fatal cynicism, and also a certain vitality in mockery that we need. We don't need to agree with all of a philosophy, or a belief, or a person, to think that they're pretty cool. Some other atheists I know think that while Jesus, from what we know of what he thought, had a nice viewpoint on things despite having several really lame ideas. Many people laugh at the dumb things their ancestors (or parents) did here and there, and don't need to feel bad about that. Laughing is a liberty, a release from slavery of seriousness and respect. With that understanding, enjoy, or not.


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