Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Hopscotch at the Memetic Playground

I recently installed Matlab on a laptop at work, and it was noted that it wasn't working when the system was off the network. My intuitions immediately went to FlexLM, the piece-of-junk license manager (most license managers are irritating pieces of junk), and a little bit of searching confirmed it. It seems that it notes the hostname of the machine it's on, and if that changes (e.g. if you boot up off the network), it won't let you run the software it manages. License managers are known to be crufty about these things, frequently also dying if you change partitions, make or restore from a backup, add more ram, upgrade the OS, etc. They can't work without being a major inconvenience. I normally sidestep the entire affair on the rare occasion I have to deal with them for non-work-related things, either by hacking the license manager or installing whatever software I'm using inside a virtual machine (BOCHS or similar), which also has the nice effect of completely nullifying any functionality the manager has. Needing to play by the rules is irritating, but I am comfortable taking certain liberties in my personal life that I'm not willing taking at work.

I enjoy leaving a cup of tea in my office overnight -- it becomes much like sun tea over the evening, and is very pleasant to drink (not quite as good as sticking tea in the fridge at home.. hmm.. that's a good idea).

Coming up with a complete parody of oneself can be an interesting exercise in self-understanding.


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