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Being Alone by Winning Wars by Losing Battles

Some of my clothes are getting ragged, and I don't particularly want to look like a bum. As a result, today I went and replaced my sole set of shoes (apart from my work boots that I use for dancing) with two pairs of very nice (expensive, *sigh*) shoes. My family has cursed feet -- on one side of the family, there is a tendency for incredibly wide feet, and on the other, incredibly narrow feet. Shoes have always been expensive for both sides. As it so happens, I have the wide feet, so generally a trip to a shoe store, when I can even find shoes that fit, resulted in putting at least $70 down, often more. My last pair of shoes were a gift of really expensive and nice shoes -- Mephistos. Given that they lasted me over two years as my primary shoes, I picked up another pair today, along with a (less expensive but also quite comfortable) pair from another company. I should probably go get a replacement coat tomorrow too, as my current winter coat (probably about 9 years old) has a spot where the stuffing is coming out. Alternatively, I could find my sewing kit and repair it -- it does have a lot of sentimental value, and apart from that one spot, it's in good condition. Hmm.

I just got back from Ceremony, and had a pretty good time. Apart from a very slow start (when people were still showing up) where they played irritating regular 80s music (not 80s techno or 80s goth, just 80s), the DJs were in great form tonight, playing almost entirely good music that was worth dancing to. They even played both of my requests (Dead Stars and Panzer Mensch) in a row. The only downside to the evening was that I was unable to recruit any people to go with me. I guess I'm pretty much used to solitude of one form or another though, so that's not a big deal. Tonight reminded me a bit of Outland in a few ways.

I had a brief conversation at the 61c today with some random person about TV shows, where I showed my total ignorance of what's on TV nowadays. I never thought I'd be one of those people who doesn't watch TV at all, but that seems to be where I''ve drifted. I think in a sense, it's true that I've adopted the essense of the hippie lifestyle -- the particular trappings, probably not, but a number of the values, including a focus on asceticism. I sometimes wonder (and worry) that I've wandered so far from normal that I'll have a tough time finding a significant other who'll be able to respect me. I wonder if she'd be a kind of Hippie Geek or something like that. Hmm. I was amused, in a conversation with my grandma today, that she liked one of my ex-gfs very much at least partly because she kept an eye on me and moderated some of my extremes. I've seen that thing a lot in a number of successful couples -- it seems to be one of the "couple types" that the male tends towards certain extremes and it's the female who, while perhaps having some tendencies the same way, is there to reign in the male when he becomes ridiculous. This sounds awfully specific almost to the point of silliness, but I've seen it often enough that I'm willing to venture that it has meaning, at least in our culture.

I seem to recently have been a bad luck charm for networks -- at the 61c, not long after I logged on, the wireless network went down, and it stayed down until they kicked the router. At home, the cheap hub I have in my front room seems to hate me, requiring a power cycle every few minutes (I should probably just toss the thing -- it may have suffered damage from Beefalo sleeping on it too often). At CMU I also recently seem to have been deadly to both wired and wireless networks. It's weird, inexplicable, and very irritating. Meh.

Some amusing politics -- talking out of both sides of the mouth illustrated:

  • "Math and Science essential for global competition" (above link), according to BushJr, but..
  • at the same time, NASA is threatened for talking about global warming research
  • NASA is also directed to emphasise that the Big Bang is "just a theory"
I conclude that science is good when it leads to more "stuff", but bad when it leads to more understanding.

This is quite weird.

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