Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Speaking through the mouth

Two sources of amusement for y'all, because I dug out my N64 microphone and jumped through the right hoops to make it work on my laptop. These are Ogg-Vorbis audio files (most people should be able to play them, hopefully)


Also, I am thinking of moving.. either someplace else in Squirrel Hill, or maybe, just maybe, somewhere else in pittsburgh. Motivation: Save money, reduce unused space.Musts:

  • Include all utilities (no elec is still ok)
  • free laundry
  • Walking distance from CMU
  • Permit 2 cats
  • Not in a huge building, ground floor highly preferred
  • Be in an area friendly to walking places
  • Cost me less than $700/month, which is what I'm paying right now
I don't know how seriously I'm looking -- my current place isn't bad, it's just a bit expensive (and big) for one person.

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