Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Not Man Enough to be Chinese

I want to hyphenate all my words, to be french, to embrace satre's being-as-nothingness, or maybe being-as-somethingness, to mix the anatman with anata, to drink the strange words and be high on them

A coworker of mine, an old (and friendly and cool) guy from China, drinks a lot of tea. I occasionally invite him to try teas that I bring in to the office, and vice versa. I primarily use looseleaf tea nowadays because the end result, for various reasons, tends to be better tea, but he goes further, not using a teaball or similar to hold the leaves, instead dumping them right into his teacups. My teaball being missing at work today, I tried this, and can't say the results are much to my liking. The tea is actually better, but picking leaves (or other things, for tisanes) out of my teeth afterwards is unpleasant. I'm not sure how he manages it.

I have heard that a number of people from my research group, and the psychology department in general, are leaving for other places starting this summer. This is saddening -- some of the people who are leaving are people I liked working with (or near). Anicca and Viparinama-dukkha.

I called Verizon up, intending to dispute the contract length I'm bound to (I am free to leave next December), but apparently I replaced my phone later than I thought, and they were correct all along. I have 10 months to choose a phone and a new provider, I guess.

In last night's dream, I justified a choice I have made, and did it in a very expressive and cathartic way. Now I am disappointed that it was indeed a dream -- while dream expression (and private expression to oneself in a journal) can bring catharsis, it feels more satisfying when it is social, even if it is destructive to one's social standing. Why is that?

A friend pointed me at IT Crowd, a wonderful new Britcom. Check it out!

Last night, I thought of some more weird wordplay while having tea at the 61c -- an amusing forward and backpun would have the clue "In there, in the chinese Unix docs", and the answer would be "Mandarin". This makes more sense if you know some German, and even more if you think like I do. It is alas rare that people get my humour when it involves foreign languages, and one of my particular favourites, I remember, used German, Spanish, and Japanese (and English). It wasn't particularly funny, but it was clever.

Technology and Science swallow distinctions, machine and man becomes machine in man becomes machine is man. If we need distinctions, and maybe we do, we will slip off the car and under it.

Some of my friends have, I think, read too much cyberpunk, and it informs their entire political philosophy. I wonder if getting them into Postcyberpunk would cure some of the flaws I see in the way they look at the world.

Like snakes looking at a wall, we admire smoothness and consistency that would make us stupid, seek to establish new lines that do not mirror ourselves inside, because we have enough worms in our head. In nature's eye, we are chaos loving law, in the universe's eye we are the law loving chaos. The touch of newborn flesh against the plastics of a car, avatars of the strongest abstractions.

I still am asking myself if where I am, geographically and socially, is where I should still be right now.


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