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Teapots on the Table

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Normally, I let my significant other choose my hairstyle, because I only have mild preferences of my own. Some of the people I've dated have liked longer hair, some have liked shorter. However, I am curious if any of you out there have any hair advice for me. Please find below three hair lengths my hair has been known to be at. The first is from a little over a year ago, between dating Debb and Nicole, right after I got a haircut. I don't think I've ever had my hair shorter than that (except possibly as an infant (although I believe I was born with more head hair than normal) or that time in middle school that I dyed my hair blue with non-hair-dye stuff and got a haircut to try to get the blue out). The second is, roughly speaking, my present hair length. The last is the longest my hair ever was, about 8 years ago. Comments from all are welcome, and I might be amused to hear offers by sufficiently interesting people to cut my hair (I may even take up such an offer, perhaps).

On other notes, sometimes one must paddle a boat by hands, if the proper paddles are missing, and sometimes touching the water in doing so can be refreshing. Sometimes.


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