Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Reading Stoplights Like Tea Leaves

Like a dentist's sweat was the thought -- a sickly smell, not quite death, but antisceptic, animal signs far removed from the actuality of humanity. The mouth moved, a cruel parody of a forest, with plastic trees and the pine needles on the floor replaced with discarded nails. A fantasy of a trembling finger reaching past the endless diversion, the mazes, and right to the fleshy vulnerable heart, to deliver a light poke.

We are in the age of whimsical devices. I recall, in my childhood, being impressed with a large pen I had which had 4 tubes of ink in it, each a different colour. It smelled saccharine, like my magic 8-ball did when I smelled its window (eye?). That magic 8-ball's brain fluid was a secret, I thought, an illicit pleasure like enjoying the smell of a campfire in the woods, illicit because of its chemical nature. We have moved past the beginning, the gates have stepped aside, leaving us to a new garden, an end to scarcity. The Ophites have finally reconquered paradise. Let us see to it that we do not establish a new priesthood.

I need to get more Tofu nuggets. They're kind of my emergency late-night food, but I haven't felt like oatmeal recently so I've exhausted my supply. I realise that this is not of great interest to all of you, but instead let's turn it around, and let me say that I strongly suggest that you try Morningstar (or some other vendor's) Chick'n Nuggets. They keep in the freezer forever, they're very filling, and they taste pretty good, especially with spaghetti sauce. They're *the* perfect freezer stuffer.

The Feb2006 eyesore of the month has a very amusing footnote.

I have a number of miscellaneous things to do...

  • Get started on a big programming/database/design project for the contract programming thing
  • Finish my second homework for CompBio including the extra credit parts
  • Catch up on reading for said class (I'm behind)
  • Write a file manager for my BLOG/Wiki software, migrate all referenced media I control into BLOB tables
  • Finish rereading Amber series
  • Finish playing my current ZAngband character to death or victory
    • For the interested, her name is Harna, and she's an Amberite 37th level Mage (schools are Chaos and Trump)
  • Go walking in Frick park (It's been too long)
  • Get stuff for upcoming hiking trip
  • Go climbing again sometime soon
  • Have a lazy day where I don't do anything productive
  • Figure out when I can go to NYC to both visit friends and see some music I'll like (TMBG, Plaid Tongued Devils, Firewater, or maybe some nice opera)
  • Plan a trip to Columbus to visit my sisters, some friends, and some places.
  • Decide if I want to bother going to my 10 year high school reunion
  • Sell my car
Oh, and in Soviet Russia, Fire Puts You Out.

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