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  • Why did the Russians win World War 2?
  • Because in Soviet Russia, Slavs cruel to Germans

I just dealt with an ugly side of humanity -- I was on IRC, and some random guy wandered into the channel and started to talk about how some girl had betrayed him, so he was going to stalk her, take photos, break into her house, and leave them around to "leave a message". I promptly gathered together a log of all of this and mailed it to her, as he was thoughtful enough to point to her blog. The only complication is that they're both in Latvia, and I have no idea if she speaks English (his English seemed to be decent). He was promptly booted and banned from the server for his continued rant. I am pretty certain I did the right thing. I understand how relationships can lead people to the state of mind he is in, but not being in his shoes, I feel a duty to society to put a stop to his plans.

This horrible rap popped into my head at work today, *almost* fast enough that I could've said it as I composed it.

We're the ACT-R people from the Ivory Tower..
You use our software, and you feel the power.
We've got your brains for analysis,
and we can see what'chya thinkin', sis!
When we go spare, you'd better leave this town,
or wear earplugs cuz' we got MRI sounds!
We're the masters of Psych, and we understand it all,
so step away from us, because you're so small! Uh-huh, yeah!

It is not that different from my Sysadmin rap..
I hip to the hop, my spam is all copped,
my systems never hiccup, and the bad ports are all blocked,
or better yet, they're filter-ated, so ne'er are infiltrated,
they're running red-fedora, and mah homies are elated..
Yeah, uh-huh


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