Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


There's a hole in the candle, a shiver from the woods, a sign of each condition in your ever-changing moods. There's a tremor in the air and some ropes lead to the past, some things are going on at which you should be aghast.

After work today, I went with two of the three people I'm going camping with to get some gear. I should not have been surprised that it's possible to get fanatical about camping -- there's a surprising amount of culture involved in getting weight down, pound by pound, ounce by ounce, from cutting toothbrushes in half to weighing pillows. I don't think I'm one for fanaticism of any sort anymore, but I got some good gear. First, at Dick's, I got some nice, warm, hopefully mostly quick-drying clothing and something that's half pot, half cup. Then, after some adventure (more below), in the other store I got a frame backpack and some other things. It wasn't a cheap trip, but if I do hiking more often, it'll be worth it.

The adventure between the two stores unfortunately involved the police. There are a number of roads around the waterfront that are closed for construction, and our path took us along a route that should've changed. Unfortunately, I ended up following another car that looked like it knew what it was doing in its navigation of the closed roads, but that proved to be a mistake, because they were quickly escorted by police into a parking lot, along with me, and 6 other cars that followed me. We all got tickets (although the initial car did not have a current driver's licence and another car had an out-of-state lady without insurance who argued angrily (abusively?) with the police. Still, it wasn't so bad, just a bit expensive and kind of inconvenient.

In my last blog entry, I provided two very geeky raps. Eric sent them through Mac text-to-speech, and here's an audio form of my sysadmin rap. Hurrah!

My huge, 3-wick candle is finally beginning to die -- it will probably exhaust itself tonight. Oh... correction -- the three wicks have burned themselves to the bottom of the candle, sending copious amounts of wax out in cool-looking waves all over the table (and onto the floor, where I caught the waterfalls (now stalagtites) with a folder, which now has a cool splatter motif. It's like waves of coolness, made of wax!

This friday, I will hopefully be sharing "Weird Science" at a KGB movies night. I need to record it onto DVD, but I can do that when I get it back from Isildur (who I loaned it to in the hopes he would show it as a computer club movie.. alas). This weekend will be a mix of contract programming, homework, and hopefully some dancing at Ceremony.


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