Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Universal Opera

It seems like opera is on everyone's lips! (or at least a few lips near my ears). Mozart's Magic Flute is coming to Pittsburgh, and I might want to try to get tickets (time permitting). I was talking today with a co-worker born in East Germany, and she said that most East German students have seen a lot of opera because the schools frequently took students to performances and had them write papers on it. Opera was also inexpensive enough that a lot of adults continued seeing it throughout their lives. This idea captivates me. Part of american cultural decay is caused by urban design (too many cars, too little verticality), and part of it is caused by too little involvement in quality cultural experiences (too much TV, too little live music and social gathering). These interrelate. America's poison is a set of subtle tied things, and by making nonobvious (and sometimes small) adjustments, one can achieve great effect. Fellow socialists/communists and other people who just care about society, I hope you see the big picture and can contribute to this change.

It looks like the actual going-live date for my new machine room is this coming Tuesday. I am excited. This weekend is going to be pretty busy with computer/work things, but I hope to squeeze at least a bit of socialising in. I am experimenting with spinning the globe that is my life slightly faster, awakening the preserved beast in the amber.

On the 24th of March, Shabbat 1000 is being held somewhere locally, which might be interesting to attend.


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