Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

You Fool! You'll hit the bluescreen!

This weekend has sucked so far, and for purposes of this blog entry, Thursday night is an honorary member of the weekend. On thursday, after work, I went to a birthday celebration of two coworkers, which went ok. Problem is, I had a small cup of wine, and became unpleasantly drunk. I didn't embarass myself, but the sensation of being drunk is unpleasant, and stuck me for the rest of that evening. Then on Friday, after a long day at work, I dashed home to get movies for KGB movie night, lugging my DVD/VCR along in case it was needed (the room already had one though).. First major irritant - not a single person said hi to me, and nobody sat near me. Anyway, Kuma-no Puutarou recieved the top number of votes to be shown, but was overridden by an executive veto, and instead of watching any of the other rather cool videos I brought, we watched two stinkers (a silent Cthulhu movie that I've seen before and is awful, and an intensely stupid zombie rock music video, along with one decent film that half of the people there had already seen, Gaiman's Mirrormask. Irritating. On saturday, I was doing stuff for work, which I didn't mind too much, and later hung out a bit with J and E. On sunday, winter came back, and I am bitterly cold. Sigh. Oh well. This weekend has been a lot of work... and I even have the feeling that I'm forgetting something that I wanted to do. I feel rather scatterbrained.

I will now attend to homework.


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