Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Cold saps Life

The weather makes me miserable. I can't help but fixate on how people in more primitive times would have a very tough time surviving this far north. I know that's not quite true though - Inuit and other Amerindians somehow managed to survive in the most miserable of places. Every lick of cold air saps my will to live and makes me very tired. I am not living in the right place on this planet. Brr. Wrong place. This is hopefully my last miserable winter. The other alternative is perhaps to become vampiric and sap some Inuit (or even Yank) blood - perhaps my body will learn to generate heat. Crazy Northerners...

The weather means that I'm in hibernation mode -- as soon as I go home, I go right to sleep, only having maybe a little bit of random awakedness here and there before it's time to go back to work again. I also had my first almost-fall of the year, walking across campus yesterday. This means I need to start looking for dark ice again...

On the upside, maybe, I notice that my office has begun to resemble a dorm room in some respects. That's kind of amusing - I leave my apartment every morning for my dorm room, do stuff there, and then head back every evening. Given that I work and play in both places, and feel at home in both places, it feels like I'm running in a hamster wheel (in the good way, I think).

In KOL, I'm close to ascending (I think), thanks to the huge numbers of turns inherent in holiday meals. Right now, I'm trying to solve the puzzles in the lair of the end boss, this time doing it without the help of the Wiki (I may need to give in at some point). My two primary gears:


  • Muscle: 129 (104)
  • Mysticality: 153 (133)
  • Moxie: 123 (103)
  • Hat: Miner's Helmet (+5% item drops is pretty sweet)
  • Weapon: Vampire Duck-on-a-string (another +5% item drops)
  • Shield: Pilgrim Shield (MaxHP +30, +3 stats/fight, regen 10-15hp/adventure, +50% weapon drops. Wow.)
  • Pants: Astronaut Pants (MaxHP/MP +30. Pretty cool)
  • Accessory1: Mr Accessory (+15 all stats. w00t)
  • Accessory2: Badass Belt (+5 all stats. w00t)
  • Accessory3: Lucky Rabbit Foot (+7% item drops)
Space Cadet (saving it for combat against the Naughty Sorceress):
  • Same stats
  • Hat: Toy Space Helmet (nice resistances, babbles stats on enemy)
  • Weapon: Toy Ray Gun (Pretty spiffy)
  • Shield: Pilgrim Shield
  • Pants: Astornaut Pants
  • Accessory1: Mr Accessory
  • Accessory2: Badass Belt
  • Accessory3: MagiMech Tech NanoMechaMech (like another familiar)
Right now I'm experimenting with a Star Starfish as my familiar, to see if it ever gets better than a Cocoabo. Not yet. :)

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