Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Beware the Bouncing Ball

I am exhausted because I spent all night working on extra credit for CompBio (alas, I did not manage to make that part work). The machine room was supposed to have a grand turning-on-of-the-AC this morning at 7am, but that didn't happen either (I should've known better on that count). It's always interesting to be in this kind of hazy not-entirely-there mental state, with the way the world gently tilts every once in awhile. I discovered a dangerous thing -- applying my recent habit of listening to music at different speeds to the Muppets song Mah Na Ma Nah results in a trippy experience, although at least it fades quickly, as the nature of Muppet voices makes it hard to keep a grasp on what their pitch and tempo should be.

I wanted to go to the Costume Ball at CMU, but I don't particularly want to go alone and I suspect everyone else who's going is already paired with someone. I am not certian, but I suspect one must be a CMUperson to go. Oh well.

Today I came across a very odd error on one of the nodes in my compute cluster:
(pgunn@alba 060217135600)$ ls func_sw/07-0053-00005*
(pgunn@alba 060217135600)$

(pgunn@loch 060217135600)$ ls func_sw/07-0053-00005*
func_sw/07-0053-000053.dcm func_sw/07-0053-000053.dcm
func_sw/07-0053-000053.dcm func_sw/07-0053-000053.dcm
(pgunn@loch 060217135600)$
These nodes are accessing the same underlying filesystem, and the file only shows up once there. Other nodes show only one file -- my guess is that the NFS client became confused on loch. mount -o remount didn't fix it (not a big surprise) -- at some point I'll need to unmount/mount the filesystem entirely. Or.. I can just wait until this weekend, where everything will be reworked anyhow.


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