Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Behold the Tiny Buddha

A momentary recognition, a hanging cord that would be in the way, a need to move it, and a recollection that every other time I have seen this, I have remembered every previous time, a shared moment, a shared self, a tiny secret, with no area under it's curve. A light curiosity, after I am passed, this secret will cease to exist? No self, or many small fragments of self spanning humans, more selfsimilar? To pull solids from events is a creative event, many possible bridges over a set of three (or more) rivers. We cannot think without it -- thought is a set of bridges, but we can *absorb* the raw reality if we force ourselves to stop, for a bit. Appreciate the many possible ways bridges can be placed, and then tread again on our own. I return to building two puppies.


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