Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Man of De Jure

Sometimes lessons come from surprising places. I think I understand better how some people I'm been frustrated with see some things that have been contentious, because today I went to the other side of that wall. I don't think I'd react in quite the same way they do to it, but it helps me understand. In reality, it was something that should've (and would've) been obvious to me, if I had not been so close to it.

(section not shown)

I am completely unable to tell if some of the people I know are single or not, because the cues that most people use are completely not in effect for them. I suppose I could simply ask, but there remains the issue of whether these cues would continue to be absent or if they'd switch to more of an "I'm taken" cue. If it were the first, I probably couldn't date then because I'd become jealous. I hate asking people about these things. Mhh.

I have been at work from around 5pm today until now (1am). So far the move to the new machine room's going-as-expected ratio has been running roughly around 30%. I hope I get to go home before sunrise. Otherwise, there is no way I will be able to study for my midterm next week and I will need to drop the class, which will make me very sad.

This whole weekend smacks of badly mismanaged time. Frustrating.


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