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The "two spheres shall never meet" peace treaty between science and religion has always struck me as silly. Dennett does an amusing job of breaking that treaty in his book, although one possible alternate way to look at it is to consider there to be another important sphere that's being left out of the discussion -- philosophy. Philosophy in the larger sense includes science but also definitely covers the value-laden issues that religion covers, and using it to analyse religion should not be considered taboo. History is another interesting tack to take, to deal with historical claims... These half-digested ideas are signs of my being sleepy.

I spent about 10 hours at work today on all that server room move stuff. This involved rack mounting some systems and installing them into the racks, finishing other rack configuration issues, and trying and failing to get the replacement NFS server to see the RAID (involved moving hardware to it from other boxes on the rack). Eventually, I gave up on that and fetched the old tower server that I was using before, and was shocked to find massive SCSI errors and a failure to mount the disk. After much nervous and then depressed debugging (I concluded that the data was lost and I was screwed), I ended up turning the SCSI cable around, and that fixed it. I don't know why it worked, because the cable is not supposed to have a direction, and I reseated it dozens of times before, trying it on various machines, but I was glad to see it finally booting up without problems. Next issue was why the network didn't work. This turned out to be based on the fact that netreg associates a subnet with each machine, and this must be updated if machines move to a different subnet. Then, a number of my network cables were bad, so I made new ones (the replacements are better than the ones that worked from the start because their length is more sane for an in-rack setup). After debugging a few more problems and cleaning the room, I came home.. at 04:30. I was hoping the whole thing would take 2-3 hours.. sigh. There's still a lot to do anyhow.. fortunately, it can wait.

Sunday will be a day for studying. I might do it on campus. Hopefully I will wake up in time to give me actual studytime.


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