Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Metastability of Impulsiveness

Today, after I woke up and was on my way to the 61c to study, I ended up, on impulse calling the place I get my haircut to try to see if I could get in today. Their schedule is booked, so I didn't, and now, a bit later, I think I'm not sure I want a haircut. I keep going back and forth. Thinking about this in a statistics kind of way, I can see my hair length settling into a certain metastable range of length, which I could calculate if I could quantify how often I get the urge to get a haircut and how often that happens I will succeed. This also presumes I make the effort to do the math, possibly a bad assumption. It's more fun to hand-wave and let someone else do it.

On the way back from studying, I picked up some bread of death from the local baker. It's *huge*, tasty, and the crust is incredibly hard, possibly usable as a murder weapon. After getting home, I proceeded to dance with my semi-willing cats. Hurrah!

And now, the news..

  • Parents play video games with kids. Cool! I hope if/when I have kids that I do that. Sigh. I want kids. Yes, maybe it's biological clocks, but then, so is much of what we are.
  • Zawahiri has some advice for Hamas. Sigh.
  • Canada is brain-damaged, giving special privileges to the religious in order to let them practice their religion. If someone belonging to a philosophy were to argue that they should be permitted to carry weapons to defend themselves, would they be allowed to be armed at all times? I suspect not -- having governments respecting religions in ways that amount to special privileges is a bad path to tread upon -- these matters should be judged just as if the doer were deciding to do them on their own, as that is really what's going on.
  • America, this is what you elected.
  • McNealy is on crack?
  • I am increasingly concerned about the ambitions of Persia in reshaping the middle east. I feel that means to pacify the current situation have not been tried, leading to the situation with the current president, but that situation being what it is, Amhadinejad may be inclined to push for war. It is a deep tragedy that Mossadegh's Iran did not come to completion. It is an embarassment for western society, itself insufficiently civilised, to have in its past and present continued blunders of greed and privilege leading to these kinds of situations. I believe this to be the cause of people making the unfortunate decision to stand in solidarity of those even more hostile to western values, e.g. Islamic theocratic movements.
As predicted, I wish I had time enough to read some of the books I've gotten recently. Sigh. Alas, studying is more important.

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