Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Chair Overlords

I, for one, welcome our new massage-chair overlords. Shortly after last night's entry, while at the party (amazing how many KGBers are east coasters in easy driving distance of each other), a brief party focus was a massaging chair. These things are always overengineered and incredibly expensive, but as it would be amusing and I was tired (this whole trip has been a fun versus exhaustion deathmatch), I gave it a try. Unlike every other massaging chair I've ever been in, this was absolutely amazing. I haven't had a massage since a year ago when things fell apart with my last girlfriend, but after half an hour with this chair, I wouldn't know it (well, at least my back wouldn't know it. A year w/o a significant other has other effects, but it would be bizarre to expect a chair to fix that). The chair was very bold, and actually felt like incredibly strong hands intelligently giving a massage (at least, once I found the right setting). It feels like I have an entirely new back. I hope, given that I can still feel the effects after a night's sleep, that they will largely continue until I either find a gf that likes trading massages as much as I do or until I manage to buy one of those wonderful chairs. I regret not asking what model it was.

Today shall be spent wandering around DC (and hopefully I can convince everyone that we should leave for Pgh very late tonight, so I can spend all of Tuesday resting for the insane 5 day hiking trip I'm leaving on Wednesday morning). I am going to let my facial hair grow today/tomorrow in the faint chance that it will make the hiking slightly warmer.


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