Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

A Social Understanding of Man

It was difficult work, tracing those lines, but it was their only way to really understand. The concepts flowed through various logical and illogical paths, tracing each thought back to its many origins. The shapes part of a unique and personal style of the founder. From each pattern in the seeming chaos, they learned the intent better than the intender, surpassed introspection's limits, breached modesty and vanity's veils, and left the level of humanity long behind. A study of one person, for the first few times, is a study of all humanity. Ecce Homo! The eyes are sliced virtually, the top layers peeled away as a grape, the bottom layers ignored because they do not contribute on this level. The fish's eye is our new world. Each step, a whole new soliphism to explore, then to judge: keep or discard. To stretch our limbs in that place is to explore our new promised land, each step many times more meaningful than a walk of miles before.

While I am still tired, my back is wonderfully happy from that chair massage, and that makes much of my everyday life better.


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