Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

An Affectionate Sort of Rock Throwing

You are lying on a flat surface. It is dark, and you have a headache.
You are lying on the floor of your apartment. You begin to wake up. Your
head feels very dry, and you cannot see much.

You are wearing: Two layers of shirt and pants. In your pant pocket is a pen.
Covering you is a blanket and a large black and white cat.

Your messy apartment comes into view. There is no significant span of it that
does not need cleaning. Your laptops are on a short IKEA table to your left.
Your backpack from hiking lies behind the far couch near the door. Another cat
is sitting on a coat that now smells from not having been removed much while
hiking. A pile of unopened but presumably mostly junk mail lies to your left,
and music people accidentally left in your car from the NYC trip sits on top
of your rarely-used Windows laptop. You feel a need to clean

Your feet do not look suitable for standing. Your muscles similarly do not
feel suitable for standing. Your head hurts and feels very dry. Your stomach
is satisfied from eating at India Garden last night.

You stagger to your feet. It hurts, and you cannot walk normally

So.. I have rejoined the world of the living and civilised, mostly, although I am dead tired. I was kind of worried about going hiking when I reached Ivan/Brewer's place and realised that because of lack of space during the NYC trip, I was feeling very antisocial, but that proved not to be a major issue for the trip. I don't know if this is because hiking is mostly a solitary activity even in groups, but it seems likely. Shenandoah is a beautiful park, with wonderful sights. The trip was cut a bit short because my boots were entirely wrong for the trip -- I used my steel toed workboots because finding shoes for me is hellish, boots moreso, but the steel toe mangled toes on each foot (I will likely lose 2-4 toenails). It's not that embarassing to have a 5 day trip reduced to three (long) days. With the cutbacks figured in, we apparently walked a little over 20 miles (much over seriously mountainy ground). The first day was primarily a long ascent up to one of the ridges, and then a much longer descent down the other side, the second was still more descent and up a bit, and the third was an incredibly long ascent up to part of the Appelacian Trail (for people significantly more insane, they spend months navigating it from Maine to North Carolina.. by foot). Camping was fun. Lizza's cooking/planning skill is such that we ate better on the trail than I do when at home, not eating takeout Indian Food. Starting on the third day, I found my pace and stopped having issues with needing much in the way of breaks going up hills. Oh, for the trip, I decided to drink streamwater straight rather than use the pills. I hope not to be paying for that later on. It was some of the most wonderful-tasting water I've ever had.

The first night, I had a dream where I was in a zombie movie with not-particularly-dangerous zombies (Some time ago, I decided that, as I often can shapeshift in my dreams, zombies are not dangerous to me) and I was wandering through a twisted version of CMU's campus, I got a revelation from above not to hate the people the zombies were, but just to hate the bodies that opposed me. This felt kind of stupid to me, because I already felt that way. I also realised that one of the zombies, in a weird flashback-esque sequences, was someone I kind of know. Meh. Weird.

In any case, I am going to get started on the massive amounts of cleaning and similar I need to do, energy permitting. It would be cool if I have time and energy to hang out with JasonE, Dmitriy, Eric, or similar later. I am nowhere near full form though, and energy will likely be the limiting factor. Meh. Time to get started.


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