Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

I'm not bitter... I'm .. umm.. spicy

I am pleased to find that, having dug my USB disk out to do a backup, I found that I in fact have a huge backlog of music that I have failed to integrate into my music collection. New music makes me very happy. As an added bonus, this reminded me to re-rip my Alan Jackson CD. Eventually the eclecticism of my music collection will warp time and space and Terra itself will hum along. This will drive everyone else mad, and I shall rule you all with an iron fist. Hooplah!

Fedora 5 is due out today. All you clued Linux folk, it's time to upgrade. w00t. What's new?

  • Desktop stuff - Eyecandy that won't affect me because I don't use the GNOME environment much
  • GNOME Power Manager - Might be interesting
  • Firefox 1.5 - Yup. Most people have already upgraded, but..
  • Xen stuff - No idea if this will be useful
  • GCC 4.1 - Neat!
  • New X version - I'm kind of worried about this on my laptop
  • misc
Tags: music

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