Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Rowboat on a sidewalk

I apparently am always stupidly optimistic on how much time it takes to have one system take on the duties/identity of another. That was 10 hours worth of work to do that for two servers. Of course, a *lot* of data was transferred over ethernet -- I probably should've used USB disks. Oh well. I might swing by Eat'n'Park on the way home to get some food.

Weekend checklist:

  • Do taxes - WIN
  • Do homework - FAIL
  • Study - FAIL
  • Server migrations for work - WIN
  • Relax - PARTIAL WIN
  • Find Accordion - FAIL
  • Find Hat - FAIL
  • Socialise - PARTIAL WIN
  • Clean Apartment - PARTIAL WIN
  • Spend time outside - FAIL
  • Contract Programming - MOSTLY FAIL
  • Tea thing - Didn't happen
Oh well. It wasn't a total loss.
Tags: work

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