Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

LART for LART's sake

It is humbling to notice, after railing about a certain kind of behaviour in others, to notice it or something similar then later in one's own behaviour/mindset/approach to something. Things like this inspire a continually growing feeling of humility. For the curious, this is not at all related to the inexcusable things that have been going on relating to my family. This is more of a "things being within individual perogative, but still not particularly fair".

My friend Chain and I were having lunch earlier this week, and he mentioned how silly it was that some sites use site certificates, but instead of going with a well-known certificate authority, they issue the certificate themselves. Immediately, what popped into my head was a skit where someone who looks faintly dubious is talking to another person, claiming to be a city official. The doubtful person looks really doubtful, so the official(?) person pulls out a pen and a blank nametag, jots their name and title onto it, and slaps it on their shirt, saying "You can trust me! I have a nametag!". The doubtful person would then look relieved, and they'd go about their business. I think our society is ripe for skit-based satire a la Monty Python, because a lot of things have become ridiculous. It may be true that things like Southpark take steps towards delivering the necessary satire, but I think the Python format was particularly effective in mocking the things that needed to be mocked. I am tempted to try to put together a group of people to do that kind of skit, but I am hit with a few snags -- firstly, it would probably be difficult to find people who would not be offended at a lot of the satire that I think would be healthy, secondly, I don't know if I'm really built for on-screen comedy, and finally, in order to really make it work, it would possibly end up becoming a part or full-time job. I suppose there's also the issue that the BBC, being public TV, was naturally more open to the kind of satire that Python had than any American TV station ever could be. Still, it's a thought.

Another random thought that happened to be recently -- Beefalo, my female cat, has whiskers, colouration that makes her look bearded, and she's pretty hairy. She doesn't give me an impression of being any less female by these things. Is this because she's on the other side of the uncanny valley? She does seem to look rather feminine to me.. but what does that mean in a cat? Is it an entirely different set of judgements? Another small random thought -- in the Disney/Anastasia song, "In the Dark of the Night", Rasputin's curse is an example of the preindividualist way of thinking about social units.

The weather has been rather nice -- I've moved down from 3-4 layers of clothing to 2-3, and have occasionally gone to sit outside simply because I like being out there so much. I am looking forward to taking lunchtime naps on the cut again as it gets still warmer.


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