Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Interview with the Frog King

I took the bus to work today (which is practically a sin in weather as nice as this, but I was in a hurry to get to work), and was very amused at the bus driver. He seemed to be an otherwise normal person, but at every stop, he announced the street name in the most wonderful robot-frog voice I have ever heard. This was not unpleasant. It's a voice that I imagine would be great if there were ever a sequel to the (most awesomely camp) Super Mario Brothers movie and they needed a seiyuu for Wart. I was thinking about asking him for a recording of his voice, or perhaps creeping closer with my Neuros to record it, but I didn't do it. Why? I don't know...

The particular way I like to sleep (feet somewhat higher than head) was recently mentioned as a good way to simulate the health problems that are associated with space journeys. "humans experience bone and muscle loss, decreases in cardiovascular activity and a redistribution of fluids toward the upper body, among other physiological effects." I am considering adjusting how I sleep to avoid these effects.

To my surprise, the thing with Gillware worked out rather well. They got the drive much quicker than I expected, and retrieved all the data without needing to clean-room the thing. We'll be getting the results on a DVD set shortly. I'll have to remember them as a good place to go for these things. The only way they might possibly be any better is if they were to offer to arrange for me to scp the whole 60G of disk back here with no media involved.

I woke up completely refreshed this morning after only 6 hours of sleep. I will probably take a nice nap this afternoon on the cut.

Some people in my research group occasionally are amused at the loud chatter that some other people in our area of psychology sometimes generate. I, having grown up with three sisters, can't even hear it. Speaking of which, I was hoping to go visit my mom and grandparents (and any sisters that might be around) this weekend, but there are things that require my attention here. Meh.

This weekend, I intend to upgrade my laptop from Fedora 4 to Fedora 5. I am not looking forwarded to all the boring data movage that this entails, but then, I've been doing a lot of this at work so at least I'm not rusty. Particularly, I will probably not fail to backup /etc/ssh/ (something I often forget).


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