Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

An Agreement by Cat Terms

Last night, I temporarily made my laptop less useful by leaping before I looked. It now has Fedora 5 (which is good, because there are cool new things that I already like), but because it uses a newer kernel (and a newer X), it broke 3d graphics acceleration (which doesn't bug me much because by and large 3d is for screensavers) and limited me to a subset of my laptop's normal screen again (which is irritating). It's not as bad as it could be though -- for awhile I had trouble getting X working again at all. Biggest plus for the new version: the touchpad no longer goes insane every once in awhile. This apparently is because the new X has better support for synaptics touchpads.

Last night's dreams were particularly bizarre. The combined doomsaying of an anarcho-capitalist I used to know and an anarcho-primitivist I presenty know came together, and I found myself (and some friends) scrambling to keep our home free of squatters (which is odd, because I don't see a collapse of economic systems creating a lack of housing..). As is natural for my recent daydreams, after failing to expel them by ordinary means, I began individually shifting them out into other realities, but as is also sometimes the case, the "special effects" didn't work and I needed to direct them, like in a play, to get offstage. In the dream, one of these friends happened to be interested in me, which was unusual but kind of cool (although uncool in some other ways).

Oh, there was a party last saturday. I had a reasonably good time (although there was some absolutely awful red stuff that I tried before drinking anything else, and despite my best efforts otherwise, I sprayed it all over the floor at the first taste. In retrospect, it reminds me of my russian zombie joke (In Soviet Russia, zombie eaten by you!) -- it was all that is wrong with society, distilled into a drink. Of course, my attempts not to spray it also resulted in a good amount of it going up my nose and onto my hands, where it actually stained my hands and face red. Alcohol should not stain! It is, among other things, supposed to be a cleaning agent. Anyhow, I don't recall exactly what it was, but y'all should avoid it :) .. afterwards, I stuck to other things (a bit of vodka), and all was good. I had a good philosophical/life discussion, and shared some good music, and hopefully was more interesting and cool than obnoxious.

Last night I had to make a late trip to work to restart an ill server. Meh.

Things are going reasonably well, although I'm busier than I'd like.


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