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Jyllands photos

These are the controversial Jyllands photos that have been causing massive unrest in the Arab world. It is seen as a massive struggle between Freedom of Speech and Blasphemy, and has prompted boycotts, talk of assassinations, and similar, and highlight the struggle that Pim Fortuyn and others have been at the centre of. As a rare exception to my habit of asking rather than telling in this journal, I am firmly on the side of permitting such speech. Respect for other cultures should not be at the expense of one's own -- Liberalism should not support multiculturalism to the extent of giving up on its core values. I am pleased that Denmark is standing up for liberty, even in the face of the boycotts. Arbeit macht Geld, nur Freiheit macht Mann frei! More on dachte_feed, which y'all should subscribe to anyhow. A few links

jyllands1 jyllands1

jyllands2 jyllands2

jyllands3 jyllands3

jyllands4 jyllands4

jyllands5 jyllands5

jyllands6 jyllands6

jyllands7 jyllands7

jyllands8 jyllands8

jyllands9 jyllands9

jyllands10 jyllands10

jyllands11 jyllands11

jyllands12 jyllands12


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