Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Life Without Cell Walls: Friendships Outside of Clubs

My laptop is fully happy again, after having both gotten mplayer reconfigured (hint: Do not use livna's mplayer, instead use official RPMs and futz with binary codec packages) and gotten my video back (the livna folk hacked the old binary package install enough to work with the current X). Hurrah.

At the supermarket today on the way home, after getting bread (which I always get because I go through it fairly quickly), I had a lot of trouble figuring out something else to get. I want something tasty, healthy, and novel to spice up my diet. .. In the end, I relaxed the middle constraint and got ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. I keep thinking that there must be some undiscovered class of foods out there for me. Maybe if I were dating someone who knew how to cook, or if I were willing to cook more often, I could experiment along these lines. Does anyone have any suggestions for novel things that I should try?

I should note that today's lunch at the faculty club was ruined by their inclusion of something that breaks two rules of my personal taste in food:

  • Pineapples should never be mixed with other foods
  • Pineapples belong to a class of foods (another example being carrots) that should not be cooked
I have in recent actions moved beyond the point where I can blame some things in my life on other people/bad luck/etc, in that I have actively chosen a part of the current path I've been on. Perhaps the fact that I'm thinking about it in terms of blame is a sign of unhealthiness in perspective though. Meh. Either way, it feels both liberating and worrying that I've done this.

Completely unrelated, I've told someone some details about a past part of my life that, so far, I don't think I've told anyone. It's kind of odd to have done so, but I suppose it was relevant, and it amused me to do so. Well, I don't know if amused is quite the right term to describe the odd juxtaposition of lightness and weight that characterises part of how I make some kinds of decisions, but .. perhaps it's the best I'll find without a few silly hours with a thesaurus.

Tortfeasaurus Rex continues on his mission of destruction, this time to my snacks and tea. :)


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