Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

People Were Never Meant to Confront Themselves

I suddenly understand, having done some more complex things with spreadsheets than I ever have before, why GNUMeric is not as powerful as Microsoft Excel. I have managed to crash GNUMeric twice while duplicating some moderately complex sheets that have named objects in them, some set sheet-local and others set global. GNUMeric is not intelligent enough to do what I really wanted (split a named cell so all local references to it use the sheet-local copy when I duplicate the sheet) (it even told me it wasn't smart enough via text in the xterm I used to launch it). Excel handled it fine, doing exactly what I wanted the first time. Excel still isn't a genius -- there's no good way to iterate (so far as I know) over all the known sheets in the workbook, or to have successive references to them filled in-order intelligently, but it's smarter. Spreadsheets seem like a type of application software that, unlike word processors, always will have room to become smarter.. although I still insist that the current spreadsheet way of thinking about things isn't smart enough and there *will* be a killer app someday that will finally do spreadsheet-kinds-of-task right.

When I got home tonight, I took a car ride around Squirrel Hill looking for places to rent. I found a few promising locations -- one place I found is available now, is slightly closer(!) to CMU than I am now, and is only $500/month. I can't tell, but it looks slightly bigger than my current place and is in a quieter (albeit less pictureesque) area. I don't think I'll easily be able to beat where I am when it comes to pretty though.. The other downside is that the landlord wants an extra $500 in the safety deposit if I bring my cats, but I can handle that. There are also a few other places I'm looking at... I was briefly thinking about living in the area down by some other KGBfolk, as there are plenty of places there, but after driving around, I decided that that doesn't really feel like Squirrel Hill as I know it. It's really more of a borderland between Squirrel Hill and Shadyside than part of either proper, and I'd also have to walk partway up the hill to get to the heart of Squirrel Hill, which isn't cool. I have a feeling I can do better than that.

I had my first terribly-bad-headache in a month or so today, lasting from a bit after lunch and mostly fading by around 17:00. I believe this might be caused by my having eaten some of those chocolate chip cookies, or possibly by my drinking a lot of too-sugary Manischevitz Grape Juice. The sugar theory of my headaches seems pretty strong..

Ahh, how I love the thunder and rain...


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