Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Signing My Betrayal in Blood

I found a new apartment! I have given verbal confirmation to the landlord, given him my ssn and phone number, and will further seal the deal tomorrow morning. Next Friday, I will begin to move in (giving me *lots* of time to do the actual move).


  • Rent is cheaper, $500/month
  • But.. there's a special $500 pet deposit
  • Free laundry in the basement again!
  • The place is slightly smaller, but it doesn't feel like it
  • Everything in the place feels like it was made for people 7 feet tall. I'm not a small guy, but there are some shelves that I can't reach
  • I am returning to both the foreign-landlord-thing and the white-paint-over-everything-omg-thing
  • It's about two blocks from where I am now, and slightly closer to CMU and the park
  • It has parking, so when people come to visit..
  • The neighbours upstairs are apparently a pair of quiet Korean dudes
  • The kitchen is absurdly large given the size of the rest of the place. It is this to the point that sleepover guests might sleep in the kitchen.
  • The neighbourhood is very cute

In all my apartment hunting, which was at least partly me walking/driving around, I saw a lot of the parts of Squirrel Hill that I don't normally see, including some parts that if I were dropped off unaware in their midst, I wouldn't know I were in Squirrel Hill at all (or even Pittsburgh). I explored some no-outlet streets and similar, and was surprised at what I saw. I am increasingly convinced that Squirrel Hill is in an area of folded space, larger on the inside than the outside :)

Because of various and occasional threats to my person, I intend not to make the street address of where I am living next year public knowledge. I might even get a PO box at the Squirrel Hill post office.

I am now explicitly intending to be saving money to buy a house, either in Squirrel Hill or wherever I might move to in the next few years.

I had a good time at D's birthday party last night -- there was playing of Accordion, Guitar, Harmonica, and a red bucket, and also some horribly embarassing dancing, good Port, and Matzoh.

Jibjab made a wonderful flash animation called Matzoh. It's very funny (and catchy).


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