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In Modern Times, We Choose Our Own Names

In a recent email to someone, I said some things about friendship, and just as writing is a spreading of the wings, open bodies catch more stray currents than closed ones. I've been reflecting on some things some other people have said about about enjoying each other. There's a certain comraderie that comes from a shared history, a comfort in familiarity that sustains things beyond an initial stage. It is as a grease -- not making the impossible possible a la right angles, but enough to smooth most lesser angles into a flatter, smoother being. I don't know if there's much more that's universal to friendships beyond that, and I'm coming to understand the really dazzling variety of things people look for each other, purposes their relationships have, and how these relate to their personality, hobbies,and other things. Looking at these things carefully can be uncomfortable, just as I was once made a bit uncomfortable when I was with some friends in Columbus and they stated (not in a dismissive way) that the basis (or strongest part) of my friendship with them is a shared aesthetic (partly, but not entirely, focused on art). It can also be uncomfortable to know that physical attractiveness has something to do with these things, even as numerous studies and suitably honest introspection reveals these things. I think the friendship styles of people differ enough that they resemble the differences in their personality... and friendships can be very different on each side. There are some people I like because I like the shape and nature of their intellect, but it's become clear that they like something else of me. In a few cases, I've simply accepted that I can provide what they like, because I have sides in myself for many more occasions than most people see.

I sometimes, thinking about the complexity that goes on in computers (and other human artifacts), have my fears brought out. I believe, or .. not exactly believe in, but find my mind drawn to concerns about it -- fragility. Crippling fragility, entropy, pessimism that things will break, and the fear that I'll need to mop up, or be caught by it, or something. At the same time, part of me wants to be an agent of that selfsame entropy. I think it holds almost as strong a tie as the strange paranoia that fuels some of my friends' politics. I am tempted to call it a defect.. and I find myself wondering if other people have strange ideas/motifs/etc that don't necessarily make sense that they find themselves drawn to.

I recently received in my work mailbox an advertisement for CMU's Campus Printing Facilities. It had one of those embarassing "it's versus its" confusions in it, both funny and sad. Perhaps they're making it clear that they won't proofread people's stuff?

Also for work, I'm installing some brain visualisation software, and it follows one of the most strict rules I've ever known for computer stuff -- the more expensive the software is, the more of a pain it will be to install. This software cost us about $7000, and it is very difficult indeed to install. Hopefully the message boards will straighten everything out.

I am very enthused to move this coming weekend! I am undecided if I'll use the car to bring most things or if it will be more of an on-foot kind of thing. The current plan is to devote most of Friday and the early parts of saturday to movage, although the plan may be slightly derailed by CMU Carnival overlapping this. I may do much of the moving at night, depending on how much Carnival I want to see. If anyone wants to help and is available late Friday/early Saturday, that'd be handy (no car needed).

My initial thoughts on Carnival are that the following are possibly worth seeing:Thursday:

  • 15:-15:3 Midway opening (but would involve skipping class)
  • 15:3-16:3 Kiltie Band (ditto on class)
  • 19:-20: Bridget and the J-boys
  • 8:-12: Buggy sweepstakes
  • 11:1-12: Google eats Microsoft (?)
  • 13:3-14:3 Jazz band (?)
  • 13:5-14:5 Oppenheimer's Wrench (?)
  • 8:-12: Buggy sweepstakes
  • 11::-12: Common Ground (to laugh at them)
  • 11:3-12: Counterpoint
  • 13:-17: Holi Indian lunch
  • 18:3-22: Night Market (?)
  • 21:3-22: Fireworks

I will probably not go to all of these, and may in fact skip days, but I will almost certainly make some of it. CS50 is also going on for part of this, and I also have plenty of other things to think about (like moving). Still, does anyone have any advice on other things worth seeing? Am I missing something awesome? Anyone want to meet up for some of it? What's worth seeing at CS50? Help me move?


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