Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Crown of Wind and Thunder

BioInformatics has wandered firmly into the realm of things I understand entirely because it's related to my stuff at work, even using a lot of the same software. I am both relieved and disappointed.

About half the time I take the bus anywhere, there's someone who's a bit unhinged sitting in the front talking to the (unwilling but too polite) driver. Their unhingedness varies from what seems to be mere Asperger's (pretty irritating) to people who are genuinely scary. Sometimes I'm tempted to ask them to be quiet.

My boss won the Heineken award for cognitive science. In that press release, I found that he apparently joined the CMU faculty the same year I was born...

I would write more, but because I had a good amount of cheesecake last night, I have a bad headache today. Given that I am attending a lateish Seder, this is a very bad time to have a headache.. now, I have errands to do relating to selfsame event. I'll write more when I feel better.

Tags: school

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