Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


That was an awesome seder. Good food, good company, good conversation.. Hurrah.

On the way to buy seder gifts for the host, I found that the local state liquor store has decided to start stocking the blue stuff again! Hurrah! For those not in the know, the blue stuff is Bartenura Moscato d'Asti, an incredibly mild (almost nonalcoholic), pleasant, sweetish white wine that is my favourite alcoholic beverage. Hurrah!

Sadly, no Pittsburghers offered to help me move on Friday/Saturday or offered advice on Carnival. *sniff*

Meh, things are looking good.

I am presently trying to understand (again) if and how traditions are important to the formation of culture, if they can/should be done without, and similar things. Participating in a Seder plays into that in a sense.


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