Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Parade of Broken Dolls

Earlier today, I read, as usual, Dinosaur Comics. Today's comic had a good catchprase, ALL PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED WITH INVITATIONS TO DINNER. Later, while at Carnival, I got an invitation to dinner. Problems solved? .. not exactly, but the dinner was very philosophical and illuminating. It was refreshing and surprising to have a prolonged frank philosophical discussion, and there was other interestingness to it. Carnival itself was also very nice -- the booths were creative, there was excellent music, and I saw parts of campus I have not seen much of before. There were also some people in town who left some time back, and it was nice to see them again.

I have grown confident in my reading of some people I've known for awhile. It's interesting learning all the ways faces react and the ways they decieve...

I may work well under pressure, but that doesn't mean I enjoy it or can take said pressure very long.

Tomorrow is moving day! At 9am, I get the keys and enter the (expensive!) dual-lease game. On the upside, I may have found someone to buy my car! On the downside, someone attempted to break into my car and messed up the passenger-side lock. I am uncertain if it's better to drop the price or to have it fixed. I know the people who would be buying it anyhow.. maybe, because they're not from around here, it'd be kind to handle the repair for them.

All throughout Carnival, I was yearning to hear Firewater's "Whistlin in the Dark".. it's grit feels like life... perhaps like the Mu"sli I'm eating. Tonight, Wightman, starting tomorrow, the grit will taste different as I move to my undisclosed location. Maybe I'll see Cheney there :)

There are some recent memes floating around on Livejournal that seem to be provocative of trouble. One of them is a rather personal, possibly sexual question, whereby the person asks the world at large if they had the asker locked in their house for 24 hours with a requirement of doing anything they were asked, what would they have the asker do. They then set that comment so anonymous posting is enabled (no IP logs), and the comments are screened (invisible to the public). This may be amusing, but I wonder if it might be unwise to get people to play with things like this -- presumably if one were to want to make things like these known, one should just contact the person and let them know. I mean, heck, I don't know if I'd be opposed to *knowing* if someone wanted me to clean their kitchen, dance, or whatever if they wanted me to know, but it's not particularly helpful to know that some random unknown person wanted it. It's also possible that this kind of thing just creates awkward moments, especially if someone can guess who someone else is. All this is a fun game, but it doesn't replace the normal rules of human interaction, one of which suggests that if one wants to change the nature of one's relationship (and it is appropriate), then one should do something about it rather than do stuff like this. If I were attracted to someone, I'd try to learn more about them, if they're taken, if they'd make a good life partner (or friend, or something else), and a number of other things, and if the answers worked out and if I were in a good time in my life to start something, I'd find a way to let them know. I would hope other people would have the decency to be forthright/obvious in those ways too.


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