Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

This is NOT a software problem

Carnival has been enjoyable. I had a good conversation about Wikipedia, and the second day, while not as busy or exciting as the first, was still interesting. I suppose the party fairy is not happy with me, as although I know there are KGB parties coming up, I have been invited to none and have not seen any information about them that's sufficient to make me feel that they're really open. I suppose the Raspberry Schnapps incident may be partly to blame. Meh. Along with boring and irritating paperwork and Carnival, today has also been a big day for moving. Two carloads (one stuffed, one less so) is enough to make the place feel like home, at least a bit. I'm putting the flesh before the skeleton -- I have moved only two books (out of .. hundreds?), and no furniture. As I'm intending not to sleep in the old place (except perhaps a night for sentimental reasons if the idea strikes me), I moved the cats in the second carload. They're naturally not thrilled, presently running around anxiously mewling while trying to figure out which surfaces they're strong enough to jump up to. I am on the internet thanks to an open access point calling itself CMU (clearly not CMU given that it gave me a 192.168 IP address), although the signal is pretty weak. I should probably have called Speakeasy earlier this week to arrange for DSL moveage.

Title is from a malfunctioning Linux box in my cluster...

I find it interesting that Hu Jintao's visit to Bill Gates got more press than his visit to the government.


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