Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Rebuilt with Tomorrow's Embers

I'm mostly moved, at least in the sense that all the really important stuff (apart from, oddly, cups) is now in my new place, and things are more than unpacked enough to be livable. The living room is somewhat more square than my old living room, similarly the bedroom. J and R helped a *lot* in making all this happen this morning. There still is a fair amount of stuff left, but apart from the bike, I'm actually tempted to throw most of it away.. I won't, I don't think. After the moveage, I tried to treat them to Abay, but when we got there, it was closed, so India Garden was the order of the day. Having spent enough time in the car to summon the weather demons, we proceeded to raid the CS junkpile (got some good stuff) and close carnival (the massive rainitude was my fault). I then went home and unpacked until I remembered about the fireworks, drove to CMU, caught the tail end of them, and am now in the UC taking advantage of CMU's wireless network. I was hoping to bump into more people to hang out with, but it didn't seem to happen, at least partly because there arn't too many student CMUites I know who'd be up for hanging out anyhow.

The new place ... thoughts... the neighbouring wireless worked yesterday, but isn't working today. I am thus without wireless at home again, which sucks. Hopefully Speakeasy will be timely in setting me up in my new place. The bathroom is both better and worse -- the basic dimensions of the room are better, but the old bathroom had little conveniences (like an upper bar on which I could place shampoo and similar) that were pretty nice. The apartment reminds me a bit of the ground floor of my last apartment in Columbus, 427 E 16th Avenue. The layout is slightly different, but now that I see it, I don't know if I'll unsee it. I still remember all the little details.. actually, lots of details of every place I've lived since heading to University. I wonder if I'll forget those rooms that should exist but don't...

I'm looking forward to my new place really feeling like home. It is amusing that Tortfeasor has managed to get stuck behind the oven six times now, and each time I have to convince him to stand up, stretch myself so I can just manage to grab him by the scruff of his neck, and pull him up that way.

Watching the commercials on the UC TV is a surreal experience. They seem so transparently stupid and pathetic -- a few extra features on a home phone plan, yet another expensive car. Someday, advertising will be gone from the airwaves, I hope.

I am thinking I have too much paint and too little fabric, metaphorically.

Rest of weekend: probably devoted to homework, contract programming, and perhaps some socialisation.


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