Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Back Pain? Back, pain..

All the recent moving has, alas, restored the unhappiness of my back. Ugh. On the upside, my old place is almost empty at this point, and my new place is a good ways towards feeling like home. I also have some people coming by tonight to give me an estimate for replacing the damaged part of the carpet. Hopefully this means the apartment-moving saga is mostly done.

I'm trying to enrich my life a bit -- on Wednesday I'm going to watch 1984 at a CMU movie-showing thing, and on the Thursday after next, I'm going to see CMU's Drama department's showing of "As You Like It", which is free for CMU Staff. The week after that is a TMBG concert, and the week after that wraps up finals for this semester. It's a beat.. of sorts.

I find myself wondering, in construction of a better society, how to avoid spoiling future generations so they don't understand the value of what is being built. We may say, regardless of what one's ideals are, that it's a challenge. I am tempted to think that to focus on efforts in improving society, one should, at least initially, focus heavily on the educational environment. I believe humans are malleable, but beyond a certain age, we become much more difficult to politically change, and provided we can avoid our outdated inclinations getting in the way, it should be the hope of reforming generations to, politically, make a certain amount of progress, preparing the next generation, and to then step aside at the right moment.

I am thinking that I should have seen the movie "The Aristocrats" when it was in theatres. I should rectify this.


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