Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Bitten Words

I just pulled/am pulling nearly an all-nighter while I'm still tired from moving. I am still in the cluster, and need to drive home. Hopefully blogging will help wake me up. This is, I think, the first time that I have done this kind of thing for non-work-related purposes for awhile, and it is likewise the first time in awhile that I need to backspace frequently to fix the odd grammar that I'm producing fairly frequently here. The homework was actually enlightening to do -- I learned more of Maple, and it's actually pretty powerful (although its interface is pretty screwy, and the copy installed on the CMU Andrew system is pretty screwy and prone to crash). Things were slightly complicated/delayed with a 3 hour conversation on Judaism, identity, and things tied to them with another KGBer. It was, despite being based on some genuine strong disagreements on definitions and similar, a very pleasant and enlightening conversation.

I'm thinking about the connection between the golden rule and Kant's Categorical Imperative -- are they rephrasings of the same idea or not? The golden rule does not speak explicitly of absolutes or universality, and I find myself wondering if "others", or perhaps the implied context makes it as powerful/equivalent to the imperative. On a larger scale, what is the importance of soundbytes in philosophy? Are the greatest contributions to the world the fundamental ideas, with everything else, like great painters of old delegated to disciples, a mere filling in of details? Take, for example, Rawls -- can we say that the flavour given by the Difference Principle and Original Position (a la Theory of Justice) and the broad outline of what he thinks they lead toward enough to wrap most of what he provides? Is the rest important more than as a demonstration that such things can be drawn from it? In short, would it be enough for him to have stopped there? Was it important that we see the thought exercise carried as far as it has been?

I'll have pictures of my new place as laid out as soon as I unpack enough to figure out where the CF/USB adapter is.

It's time to head home. It's probably a rather bad idea to be driving in this state, but so it goes.

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