Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Identifying with Society

Why is trust between society (and its institutions) and individuals important? The answer is that when there is sufficient trust, one then begins to identify with the society, and hopefully further, with humanity as a whole. Building webs of trust, like building a family, leads one towards acting towards a common good, which is a necessity for civilisation. When society becomes virtuous enough that people begin to identify it, cooperative bonds form that permit the greatest efficiencies and civilities between people. This can happen, to a certain extent, in small communities, just as it happens in functional families, but this is no great feat compared to what is needed to make this possible on large scales. A society must be very virtuous and very careful to expel, reform, or render harmless those who, for reasons related to choice or more biological reasons, do not refrain from destructive behaviour.

I just moved the last significant holdings of mine from my old place. All that's left is cleaning supplies (because the old place needs a lot of cleaning) and my humidifier (which I didn't feel like emptying to move yet). I have decided to, for now, leave everything in my car, as I have a nice private off-street parking spot, I don't drive often, and I don't have my existing stuff put away yet. I did, on the upside, manage to throw away a *lot* of stuff. I am now thinking that at least a moderate part of what I brought over in earlier loads is stuff I need to toss. I need to go through it though.. ugh.


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