Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Planetary Keyhole

According to my IM client, I made my dachte000 AIM account on 20 August 2001 at 05:56AM. I can't remember offhand what my life was like at the time .. I was still an undergrad back then, I think. So.. looking back at my BLOG entries, .. no, actually I had graduated at the time. The closest entry right afterwards was this. From reading the surrounding entries, it must have been not long after I graduated, when my parents were starting to cut me off and I moved from my favourite apartment (I still like it better than any other place I've lived) into a house with friends. This wasn't too long after my blog started (at least, exempting the first go, most of which was lost in a disk problem of some sort, I think). Neither Yahoo (which I imagine I got well after AIM) nor ICQ (which I am fairly certain I got before AIM) are willing to tell me when I made my account with them.

I sometimes, like in today, have a much-more-social side that comes out. It's actually enjoyable to interact with people when this happens -- suddenly being around people moves from being a tired "do-I-have-to?" kind of thing into fun, and I have an endless interest in asking people everything about themselves and their lives.


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