Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Chasing the Fonts

Oddly, I've been feeling more and more social recently. Although my eloquence is not (yet?) back to its normal levels, I was reminded today, by multiple separate events, that I can make interpersonal things work perfectly smoothly when I need to. I just normally lack the interpersonal energy to do so.. Right now, I'm feeling rather good about myself..

Also today, I got tired of the way that, somewhere between FC4 and FC5, xterm lost the ability to display cyrillic (my guess is that they changed the "fixed" font to something with less unicode in it), so I switched to a program called Terminal. I'm not sure if this is a good thing to stay on -- it's irritatingly different from xterm/rxvt in that it doesn't have flags to open with different sizes, fonts, etc, instead preferring to read everything from a configfile. This is obviously not so good when I want to have some shortcuts to give me terminals of different sizes and colours. Perhaps I will use gnome-terminal instead, which is moderately more unixy. It's a pity that Redhat or the X Consortium didn't glue xterm to modern font systems.

Someone said that "As You Like It", which I'm going to see this Thursday, is quite good. This is exciting. Apparently, I won't need my suit (which I dropped off at the cleaner's this morning because I was not sure), which is good because apparently the cats decided to claw a hole in the jacket. Argh. Cats are very expensive.

My current place is, according to the county information place, worth about $120k. I am thinking that I should either ask my landlord about lease-to-own or save a bit, investigate getting a loan, and make him an offer. If anyone had advice on this kind of thing, I'd appreciate it. I could afford to do $1000/month in mortgage, I believe.

I'll be posting more in times to come when I get time.


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