Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Buttonhole Assault

Large impressions from today:

  • License managers, as always, are a very irritating artificial scarcity. My inability to use Matlab's Statistics toolbox for a good part of the day has been very inconvenient -- some other folk had exhausted the license in CMU's license pool
  • Cutting and pasting a few paragraphs of text takes a surprising amount of time over the network. I thought matlab was running my script, when instead it had not actually recieved it. Matlab takes about 20 seconds to run my homework assignment, and was taking about 5 minutes to cut and paste it (only 8k/297 lines).
  • Sometimes expecting homework assignments to implement an algorithm too clever for one to understand is really one not understanding how simple/stupid the described actually is.
Ack! Gotta go to catch the courtesy shuttle!
Tags: tech

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