Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Stripped Concepts

In class today, I was reflecting on the way I learn things, in particular that I tend to learn concepts but not so much the terms attached to things. I transparently seem to rephrase things into my own dictionary, which makes it easier for me to understand things but harder to communicate. I think there's a parallel between this and stripping a binary on Unix -- when knowledge is gained in a fuller sense, it's more useful because it can be shared between people in a community. I *should* try to keep anything I might ever use jobwise in the properly-named/annotated type of learning, as science thrives on common lingual/conceptual ground. For my own learning, it's acceptable not to have the terms or to think really differently about things (itself not problematic, unless one can't translate to common frameworks), provided I don't want to have good conversations with others on said topic... sigh. Hmm.

I have a massive amount of accumulated sleep debt from this week. I also have a good bit more settling-in to do, part of it complicated by the fact that I am reintegrating clothes I had in storage back into my active wardrobe .. and I no longer have a dresser/wardrobe to organise them. I don't have room to get one either. Time and Space... managing them seems more fundamental, and yet more distant from nature's abundance of both, than other concerns like managing money. And yet, the interpersonal is more charged than either.

(section not shown)

Last night, I saw CMUDrama's performance of "As You Like It", which was absolutely incredible. They kept it going at a speed reminiscent of Moulin Rouge, and the acting was pretty good. By luck, I got second-row seats near the centre, and when they (intentionally) spilled apples off of the stage, I was able to nab, clean, and eat one. Yum! It was a culturally wonderful evening.

It is a time for goodbyes, as another group of people I've grown to, kindasorta, know, leave university for elsewhere in life. None of these relationships have developed into what I'd call a proper friendship (one dividing mark for me is if I and they have spontaneously (that is, making plans while not already by chance in immediate proximity) gone out for food/tea/whatever a few times), so Cronus's blade is less sharp today. Still, there are some people I've grown accustomed to, and the clock's hand sweeps them away.

It is also time to be happy for other people. So hooray. I hope that those relevant friends of mine, and acquaintences, and similar, have their good fortune continue. It's been interesting watching people grow and change, and touching on their lives more and less. For those married, and moving, and seeking something, and the rest, I hope they get what is best for them. So often though, this is also tied to anicca, in particular I can't help or take part as much because of incidentals or essentials. So it goes..

I wish there were more days in the week. Hopefully this summer will be less busy. To my disappointment, at least one time-taker has disappeared. Oh well. While it was a good thing, I do feel at least a tinge of relief at this end. Anicca isn't always a bad thing. It's very different than a villain, for it destroys the stories (both dictating an end and a beginning, and melting the middle) which we paint on our glasses that create villains. It is a destroyer of sense, and also reliever of burden. Burden comes from sense, so that makes sense.

And now, off to lunch.


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