Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

The Other Hat to Drop

If you've seen me in person anytime over the last few months, you've seen my nice black hat. At the time, I asked for two hats, and Baruch just found me the second hat (a Silverbelly) and ordered it. I'll first see it next week, and it'll be mine after whatever tailoring is needed is done. Hurrah.

I picked up a novelisation of Zork from the book guy on campus, and am pleasantly surprised that it's well suited to be "candy" reading.

I just had occasion to use the word "librarian vomit" in polite conversation. It's ok though, because I was likening parts of librarianhood to being a honeybee. :)

I have now listened to 「ひやく ご じゅういち」, a song from the Japanese Pokémon series, an embarassing number of times. Sigh.


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