Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn

Taking One's Place in Legend

My Neuros is mostly dead (needing frequent hard resets to go back into a usable state), and so I've been walking around without a music player for the last few weeks. This has made me a bit more social and in-touch with my local environment, and I've been feeling a bit less alienated in the nonpersonal sense. Although I'm looking forward to when the Neuros3 comes out (so I can replace my Neuros2), I'm also not exactly looking forward to losing that connectedness. Technology provides a way for me to live more in a mental space of my own choosing, but at the same time that makes my time between data points (times I'm plugged in) feel like a chore rather than something to be enjoyed on their own. I need to find a way to keep this techno-autism attitude from dominating my life. I already don't spend as much time in the park and walking around as I once did out of a dislike from being away from information sources.

Last night, I found two quite awesome things:

The latter is cool because I previously only had a VCR copy. If you have not seen it, and you have seen me dance to Birdhouse In Your Soul, seeing it will lead to understanding (albeit perhaps not forgiveness). Even if you have not seen me dance to it, it is still worth seeing (and downloading). The prior is particularly interesting in providing evidence about a certain coolness in our political climate in the United States. It says a lot that BushJr sat through such an ordeal. It would be interesting if other countries did this kind of thing. Perhaps some westernised countries do just that. Anyone with knowledge on this, pipe up!

Tonight is a TMBG concert, and I will be driving, so any last-minute ride-needers, please let me know. Afterwards I will probably go to Eat'n'Park or IG, depending on timing.


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