Pat Gunn (dachte) wrote,
Pat Gunn


In last night's dream:

  • Rode a PAT bus back from somewhere. It was coming up what looked like Negley, and turned left on 5th and went *really* quickly, leaving the city for unfamiliar areas. For the trip, I was really tired from something, and the turns of the bus sometimes had me falling over and getting wedged between people. I dimly remember, as I slumped down and used both hands to hold onto one of the grab-poles in the bus, telling a nearby woman that I had just been to a concert. She seemed uninterested -- perhaps it was a mistake that I felt the need to explain it to her.
  • I saw a garage sale out in the country with books and a N16 (aka SNES) that I wanted. I hopped off at the next stop, and started checking the stream of backyards for the book sale. I used my driver's license to get off the bus instead of my CMU ID, but nobody seemed to mind.
  • I used my powers of flight to get from one backyard to another. Although I could coast at a given height with no effort, gaining altitude was difficult, so I pushed up on fences and electric/data wires
  • I didn't, in fact, get anything at the garage sales
  • I went back to the road, and flew for a bit, reaching my mom's place.
  • On the way in, I was asked by one of my sisters if I were a rock star in disguise, remembering that there was some big rock star that was going around in disguise when not on stage. I wasn't sure if she was kidding
  • My mom was in the shower, so I waited around in the house to say hi. While waiting around, I tried to decide if I should get back to *my* home by flying really quickly or trying to do a teleport
There was more dream, but it faded after waking up. Dreams are (usually) fun.

On waking up, I thought that my dream was of sufficiently high production quality to make a good movie. I would happily watch my dreams on TV if I could. OTOH, it's much better to be in them, because they tend to be awesomely interactive.


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